An admitted pack-rat of unusual objects (from toaster pop-up gears to dead beetles, plastic gumball machine prizes to lemon tree thorns), I find myself naturally drawn to combining these incongruous elements in mixed media assemblage.

I have enjoyed exploring many avenues in medium (clay, photography, jewelry, painting) and in content. I have worked with earthenware since the mid 80’s, initially creating slab-built functional and sculptural pieces, later developing a series of inscribed, embossed window shapes that reveal images or found objects. As a professional graphic designer I have used computers since the late 80’s to develop corporate design work, retouch photos, and create digital collage/illustrations. So it plays a role in my personal work too, often scanning in elements from my paintings, clay pieces or found objects and combining them with visuals and effects that can only be created digitally. Recently I’ve been experimenting with digital photography of plant forms, enhancing them with effects to create surreal colorations or abstractions.

I am intrigued with pattern, form and texture, whether from a seed-pod, an exotic bead or a hardware part. At a very young age I developed a fascination for constructing things, and decorating them. The desire to create structure, order and balance see-saws with my yearning to allow subconscious expression.

I don’t believe art should be explained and I hope viewers of this site, without knowing the details, sizes or materials, will simply enjoy the aesthetic, or question it, and create their own story.

I have exhibited work locally and regionally at South Florida art festivals and juried exhibitions since 1991 and have won awards in various mediums. I am an active participant in non-profit organizations promoting the visual arts/fina craft.

I currently live in Asheville NC.

Thanks for visiting. Hope you enjoy.


hmm, what's next?
something or other in progress
"light year" in the HORTT, museum of art, ft lauderdale.
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